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Went to my psychic support group last night, and it was fabulous as usual. I kept getting proddings from the Universe to ask a very deep question of one of the participants who, like me, is very wary of her "gifts" and I kept trying to ignore them. The question came as a thought that superceded listening or any other distractions and was clear and "loud." Ask the question, the prodding continued. "No," came my reply. Then, "it's not appropriate, I don't want to make this about me, stop it, FUCK YOU," until I finally asked her. Her answer, hesitant and humble, came and was right on the money. It was a fabulous exercise for both of us.

I have found my spiritual home.
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It's odd, isn't it, how fear of negative judgement influences you? Even when you think you're wise and beyond all that; we are social creatures after all. Screw it. If I'm thought to be crazy, I doubt if posting here will change that in the minds of those who already have formed that opinion of me. So let the games begin again!

I'm attending a fabulous week-long conference on working with addictions, and have learned so much already my synapses are spinning. Love it!
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